About Us

SPW Food Industries Pte Ltd is passionate about preserving Chinese traditional culture through the reinvention of food products that have transcended generations. The company has already done this successfully by launching its first two Bee Globe products: ‘Bao’ or pork-filled buns, the second most popular staple next to rice for the Chinese, and ‘Tang Yuan’ or Riceballs, a must-have dessert to represent family reunion during festivities.

Our Mission

To enable these products to have wider appeal with younger generations of customers, the company not only reinvented and introduced its new bite-size ‘Bao’ in a variety of attractive colours, but it also created new fillings, including vegetarian, Halal and healthier choice versions to adapt to changing consumer tastes.

Food Safety Policy

SPW Food Industries Pte Ltd places great emphasis on achieving complete customer satisfaction regarding the safety and quality standards of its in-house manufactured food products.  The corporate is committed in ensuring all production workers comply with the strictest hygiene standards while participating in production. Efforts taken to accomplish this goal include registering all employees whom are a part of the production line for required trainings (e.g. basic food hygiene etc.) and for personnel on at least a supervisory level to attend intermediate or advanced food hygiene and handling courses. These training programs would allow for production staff to possess the necessary knowledge when handling raw and/or cooked food with the aim of preventing possible cases of food poisoning and for management staff to have a deeper knowledge behind the purpose of food hygiene and techniques for a more detailed and professional supervision of their staff.

The corporate will also adhere to regulations as set by government or accredited organisations about the products manufactured, type of ingredients used and its properties. Defined procedures to keep up with satisfactory hygiene standards have been developed and will be inspected by designated personnel daily. Maintenance records of all its facilities will be maintained, revised and monitored as required to show the effectiveness of the FSMS developed by SPW Food Industries Pte Ltd.